The San Marcos Art Center is an exciting new venture of the San Marcos Art League. This beautiful space, located in the heart of historic downtown San Marcos, will serve the mission of the Art League: “To encourage, foster, promote, and nurture the arts in the San Marcos community.”

Opening in mid-October, the Art Center will serve many purposes. It will be a gallery space for fine art, with rotating featured artists. Artist receptions and talks will accompany this use of the space. The Center will also provide a sales floor for functional artists, who range in talent from crochet to artisanal soaps and everything in between. Fine, handcrafted jewelry will be available in materials and designs not found in regular stores.

The Art Center will strive to be a hub of art for the entire community, offering a space for meetings, workshops, artist demonstrations, children’s art classes, film screenings, and more. With the Art League’s many partnerships with creative organizations, we foresee exciting collaborative efforts bridging the arts and cultural scene with the community at large.

The San Marcos Art Center is located downtown on the Square, at 117 N. Guadalupe Street, Suite 101. Our phone number is (512) 679-5059.

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